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With 35 years of tactical industry expertise,
Chuck Buis Consulting delivers unparalleled solutions in product development, international business, and training.


I offer services including trade show planning, international business development and distribution, product development, product-centric risk management, and line reviews, helping clients maximize market presence and drive growth effectively.

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Chuck Buis Consulting LLC draws on decades of experience to specialize in providing expert consulting services to the military and law enforcement sectors. With a focus on product development, business expansion, media engagement, and training, the firm is dedicated to helping clients achieve operational excellence and market success.


I’ve had the opportunity to watch Chuck present products to different audiences over the years. Chuck has an engaging presence and is a subject matter expert. His training sessions are always informative and engaging. Chuck’s knowledge and experience helped me become a top salesperson my first year working with him!

Brian Plummer

Former Jones & Company Sales Rep and current owner of Duncan's Gun Shop

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